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The immediate impact of COVID-19 on African civil society organisations

The immediate impact of COVID-19 on African civil society organisations (CSOs) was swift, widespread and destabilizing. This is one of the main findings of the Africa CSO COVID-19 Survey that @AfricanNGOs and EPIC-Africa implemented between 28 April and 15 May 2020.

A total of 1 015 CSOs from 44 African countries participated in the survey. It presents an overview of the dual challenges confronting African CSOs of keeping their organizations afloat, while also responding to the needs of the communities in which they operate. It also highlights opportunities that emerged from the crisis, and crucial challenges that need to be addressed in support of the recovery and sustainability of African CSOs.

The report fills a critical knowledge gap and offers funders, governments, the private sector and other strategic stakeholders the necessary data-based evidence to inform their engagement with African CSOs, both during and after the pandemic. It also provides CSOs with a tool to help strengthen solidarity and inform advocacy for greater recognition and support for the sector.

Some of the key findings from the survey include:

  1. 98% of respondents confirmed that they had been adversely affected;
  2. 55.69% has already experienced a loss of funding, while
  3. 66.46% expect to lose funding in the next 3 to 6 months;
  4. 49.87% have introduced measures to reduce costs because of the loss of funding, or the uncertainty about future funding;
  5. 77.97% of respondents indicated that COVID-19 would have a devastating impact on the sustainability of many CSOs

Access the full reports through these links;

English Version:
French Version:



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