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Client Build Africa
Donor Comic Relief and Big Lottery
Country Kenya
Service Formative Evaluation
Sector Education
Period May 2016
Consultants Donnelly Mwachi

Build Africa is receiving funding from Comic Relief (“Changing Future for Girls”) and from the Big Lottery Fund (“The Wasichana Project”) to support two projects tackling the problems facing girls in accessing a quality education in Kwale County. The projects are being implemented by three local partners: Build Africa Kenya, who specialises in engaging school communities in the importance of providing their children with a quality education; the Coalition on Violence Against Women (COVAW), whose remit is to raise awareness and support communities to respond to incidences of violence and abuse against girls and women; and Kwale Welfare and Education Association (KWEA), a membership organisation made up of role models from Kwale County who champion the importance of education within the locality.

The two projects seek to achieve the same set of the following outcomes:

  1. Communities acknowledge – and have increased capacity to address – violence and abuse against girls.
  2. Community attitudes towards girls’ education are improved, creating an environment where girls are supported to access and complete school.
  3. Girls have increased understanding about opportunities available to them, improving their self-confidence and aspirations and becoming positive role models to other girls.
  4. Adoption of child friendly and gender sensitive teaching methods resulting in improved quality of teaching.
  5. Improved education quality resulting in increased educational attainment and performance of girls

The purpose of this consultancy is to provide accurate and representative quantitative data according to the requirements of the Kwale Girls’ Project log-frames. The objectives of this consultancy are to:

  1. Develop electronic Kiswahili versions of existing English quantitative data collection tools and upload them onto appropriate hardware
  2. Source, train and manage experienced data collectors to collect quantitative data from project participants in Kwale County in collaboration with project implementation staff
  3. Undertake the logistical planning and management of the data collection exercise in Kwale County
  4. Provide oversight and quality assurance of the whole data collection exercise
  5. Provide a labelled and accurate data set to Build Africa in an agreed format