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Client HIVOs
Donor Comic Relief
Country Tanzania
Service Summative Evaluation
Sector Advocacy
Period July 2017 – September 2017
Consultants Donnelly Mwachi and Edward Wageni

Hivos together with Twin & Twin Trading Limited through funding from Comic Relief are working with Vuasu Cooperative Union (VCU) in Same, Kilimanjaro region. Vuasu Cooperative Union, like many East African coffee POs, faces two main challenges: improving its productivity to bridge the gap with other origins (225 - 250 kg/ha against 600kg/ha in Ethiopia or 800-1000 kg/ha in Peru, Guatemala or Honduras) and improving its quality to capture part of the growth of the specialty coffee market.

By increasing the visibility of women and youth along the value chain, enhancing their decision-making power and control over assets and ensuring equal access to income and extension services, Hivos and Twin& Twin Trading Limited believes there will be a positive affect VCU’s coffee quality and productivity and thereby secure their position as a strong market player in the specialty coffee industry. It is estimated that around coffee farmer 5,104 (518-female) who are members of VCU and 11,000 non-active members.

The Gender and Generational Empowerment Programme builds the achievements of Hivos’ work with Vuasu in integrating Twin’s 6 pillars of development for smallholder organizations: gender justice, sustainable agriculture, business management, governance, quality and processing and market access. It draws on existing global and regional expertise, including Hivos Head office, Hivos Regional Office in Nairobi (Hub EA).

Hivos Hub-EA, through advocacy will target the wider stakeholders of the coffee industry including the Tanzania Coffee Board with the aim of strongly persuading them to invest in gender and youth interventions. Additionally, through advocacy efforts Hivos and allies will engage with the private sector to secure additional resources to bring as match funding to scale up activities related to climate adaptation and gender/youth initiatives.

The programme aims at achieving the following objectives:

  1. More equal division of labour, access to income and assets, and participation in

planning and decision making, between men, women and young farmers.

  1. VCU’s members, including women and youth, increase coffee productivity and

quality and Good Agricultural Practices (GAPS).

  1. Governance and business performance of VCU is strengthened, leading to greater robustness and member loyalty.
  2. Male, female and youth farmer coffee income increases by accessing higher value markets, through certification and marketing support.
  3. Coffee industry participants are better prepared to invest in gender and youth interventions.
  4. Train Hivos staff at Hub EA on integrating Gender Action Learning System (GALS) in their programs a heightened focus being institutionalization of this methodology.

Evidence Frontiers was engaged by HIVOs to develop an advocacy strategy to guide tactful engagement with stakeholders as aforementioned