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Jack Ayieko
Social Impact Advisor (East Africa)

I am a Kenyan male with over twelve years of work experience in community development projects, carbon projects origination and monitoring, renewable energy research and reporting.

I have a bachelor’s degree in Foods, Nutrition, and Dietetics (FOND) and am currently pursuing a master’s of Climate Change at the University of Nairobi. I have over ten years of experience in community mobilisation and conducting field studies in the renewable energy, climate change, agriculture, and environment sectors. Additionally, I have an excellent understanding of the Carbon Projects Cycle from origination to the issuance of carbon credits under the different carbon standards, including; Gold Standard, CDM, and VERRA for different projects like; Afforestation/Reforestation, Biogas, Mangrove Restoration, Improved Cookstoves, Energy Efficiency projects among others.

As a consultant, I have delivered over ten project monitoring assignments for different local and international organisations in research aspects of monitoring their project performance, including assessment of project adoption, usage rate determination, documenting challenges experienced by project beneficiaries, and presenting reports of findings. Such organisations include the Paradign Project, Africa Biogas Partnership Programme (Supported by HIVOS and SNV), and Burn Manufacturing. The reports have been used by Gold Standard and the United Nations Accredited Carbon Projects Validation and Verification bodies leading to the annual issuance of Carbon Credits to the projects.

I am a fast learner with a great interest in research and development and am flexible enough to implement new ideas. I have specific interests in agriculture, climate change, and livelihoods with a heart for solving social problems and delivering services that transform the environment and communities. I am experienced in business enterprise development, Agriculture and food security, Climate change and Adaptation programming, Renewable Energy Research, and Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation Services.