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Pillar 5: Science, Technology, and Innovations

We take great pride in being the sole organization in Africa dedicated to enhancing Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) for Research and Development (R&D). Our focus extends to collaborating with various stakeholders such as Science Granting Councils (SGCs), Research Institutions, Universities, the Private Sector, and like-minded organizations. Together, we work towards strengthening R&D policy development and implementation while fostering connections to innovation.

We firmly believe that Science, Technology, and Innovation (STI) policies, when effectively integrated into national development strategies, coupled with institutional and organizational changes, have the potential to significantly enhance productivity, improve firm competitiveness, stimulate faster economic growth, and generate employment opportunities.

By partnering with Science Granting Councils, we support their efforts in advancing R&D initiatives and policies. We collaborate with Research Institutions and Universities to enhance their M&E capabilities, enabling them to effectively measure the impact and outcomes of their research activities. We also engage with the Private Sector, recognizing its crucial role in driving innovation and economic growth, to promote a conducive environment for R&D investment and collaboration.

Our work extends beyond policy development and implementation. We emphasize the importance of linking R&D to innovation, ensuring that research efforts translate into tangible outcomes and contribute to societal progress. Through our collaborative approach, we foster knowledge exchange, facilitate partnerships, and support the dissemination and application of research findings.