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Pillar 4: Organisation & Capacity Development

Our approach extends beyond traditional boundaries to encompass essential elements such as leadership, integrity, constituency relationships, and resilience in the face of political pressure or funding uncertainties. We collaborate with a wide range of entities, including large international NGOs, national NGOs, smaller community-based organizations, and individuals dedicated to driving social change. Our services cater to diverse initiatives, including short-term service delivery projects, complex global development portfolios, direct implementation, and collaborative partnerships.

For large international NGOs, we provide valuable insights and assistance in evaluating and enhancing their programs on a global scale. By working closely with these organizations, we develop comprehensive monitoring and evaluation frameworks that align with their specific objectives, facilitating evidence-based impact assessment and fostering accountability across diverse contexts.

We also recognize the vital role played by national NGOs and smaller community-based organizations. Our approach involves strengthening their capacity in monitoring and evaluation, empowering them with the tools and knowledge necessary to effectively measure impact and optimize operations. We understand the unique challenges they face and the importance of tailoring our support to their specific needs.