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Pillar 2: Formative & Summative Evaluations

Our evaluations encompass a diverse range of purposes and designs, including formative and summative evaluations. We employ both traditional snapshot and longitudinal designs, as well as more innovative developmental and participatory approaches. Through these evaluations, we thoroughly assess the efficiency, relevance, and effectiveness of activities and processes. We also evaluate the sustainability and institutional impacts of interventions and partnerships. Our approach places a strong emphasis on local participation, organizational skill development, and ensuring that the evaluation findings are useful for informed decision-making. To determine the true effects of development programs, we utilize a combination of quantitative and qualitative methods. Our aim is to provide rigorous evidence that aids policy makers and managers in making socially impactful decisions. We offer a wide range of analytical and quantitative tools that are carefully tailored to our clients' needs. These tools enable our clients to design better policies, rigorously test ideas, and take informed action on a large scale to improve lives. Additionally, we conduct large-scale surveys to assess development indicators or to inform program and evaluation design.