About us

Evidence Frontiers is an African-based sustainable development management consulting firm. We provide Monitoring, Evaluation, Strategic Planning, and Capacity building services to advance development effectiveness in Africa. We have supported development organisations, policy makers and mangers to make socially impactful decisions using rigorous evidence.

Our experience includes carefully tailoring a wide range of analytical and quantitative tools to enable decision makers to design better policies, rigorously test those ideas, and take informed action at scale so as to improve lives. Depending on organization needs, we have helped diagnose social sector challenges, design, and test potential solutions, and operationalize those solutions found to be most impactful. We believe that organization-centred, rigorous, and responsive Impact frameworks is essential to help managers maximize impact.

Our vision

To improve millions of lives in Africa by transforming how the social sector innovate, learns, and improves.

Our mission

To continue working with organisations to generate and use rigorous evidence to improve social impact at scale.

We measure our success by the extent which our work increases social impact within the broader communities that we serve in Africa.