• Impact Evaluation

    Our impact evaluation work helps to demonstrate the broader contribution of social science to society and the economy.

  • Performance Evaluation

    We involve stakeholders; conduct needs assessment; develop goals and indicators; design evaluation frameworks; collect, analyze, and interpret data; and report evaluation findings.

  • Third Party Monitoring and Evaluation

    We independently monitors project performance using an approach designed to be flexible, and which is driven by clients’ specific technical, analytic or advisory, needs.

  • Program Design and Capacity Building

    We provide capacity building and technical advice on monitoring and evaluation tools and indicators.

Evidence Frontiers has been providing Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) for Policy and Advocacy services since 2002. We apply our proven MEL for Policy and Advocacy processes tailored to suit the needs of our clients, the environment in which they are delivered and the outcomes the programmes/projects were designed to deliver.

~ Advancing Social Impact in Our Communities through Advanced Monitoring and Evaluation of Policy and Advocacy Programmes/Projects ~

Policy and Advocacy Scientific Research, Impact Evaluations and  Impact Assessments

Using mixed methods approach, we help in measuring the impact of policy and advocacy programs.

Policy and Advocacy  Programmes

Performance Evaluations

(Baselines, Midterm, End-line)

We use rigorous and tested approaches in conducting Baselines, Mid-Term Evaluations and End-line Evaluations for Policy and Advocacy Programmes/Projects

Policy and Advocacy Third Party Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning for Programmes/Projects

We partner with development partners to design and implement MEL for Policy and Advocacy programmes/Projects.

Policy and Advocacy Proposal Development, Strategy Development and Capacity Building

Our support also includes designing new policy and advocacy programs, policy and advocacy strategies and building the capacity of staffs on MEL for Policy and Advocacy