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Founded in 2002, we have continued to partner with like-minded organisations in advancing Social Impact in Africa.

Evidence Frontiers is an African-based consulting firm specializing in sustainable development management. Our core areas of expertise include Monitoring, Evaluation, Strategic Planning, and Capacity Building. We are committed to advancing development effectiveness in Africa by providing comprehensive services to support development organizations, policy makers, and managers in making socially impactful decisions based on rigorous evidence.

What We Do

We pride ourselves as the only organisation in Africa with a focus in strengthening Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) for Advocacy practice. With a staff base of over 50 M&E for Advocacy practitioners in Africa, our niche is to continue building a strong community of practice in advocacy through research, evaluation, training, and production/publication of evidence-based advocacy knowledge products generated by local technical providers. Through our knowledge exchange platforms, our aim is to continue linking M&E for Advocacy practitioners to the relevant and contextualised advocacy resources so as to improve advocacy practice in Africa. Read more

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